Magical Currents – Book 2 of The Mythical Warriors Series

Release Date April 13, 2016

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While hurrying home to beat a storm, Margo is attacked by a man who becomes a bear before her eyes. She is rescued by Graeme Stone, a frequent customer to her café, and wergriffins Tobin and Riley Saint-James. As a former high school chemistry teacher, she struggles to find rational explanations for the wonders of this world of magic and alchemy that has suddenly been thrust upon her. The quiet man who lives in the lighthouse has turned out to be a bit more complex than she’d ever imagined.

Graeme is a powerful sorcerer who has discovered something is causing young shifters to attack and kill the potential mates essential to the continuation of the weres. The first time he’d brushed up against Margo, their essences had resonated in rare recognition. He never intended for his seduction of the enchanting brunette to begin with her being dragged into the web of dangers assaulting his world. How is he supposed to protect the stubborn woman from rogue wers and magical attacks if she insists on keeping him at arm’s length?

 Once Margo starts keeping company with sorcerers, shifters and mythological creatures, she has unfamiliar faces peering back at her from mirrors, unexpected marriage proposals, lightning strikes on clear days and towering waterspouts in the bath tub. She also experiences the peculiar challenges of dating a magic user. When the quiet embers between Margo and Graeme flare into sparks of desire, she discovers the passion between them burns hot enough to singe an unwary woman. But only by working together is there any chance to maintain the fragile truce between sorcerers and werbeasts, get to the source of the genetic poisoning and keep Margo and the other potentials safe.

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Twice Is Forever – Book 1 of The Mythical Warriors Series
Release Date September 2, 2015
After escaping weeks of captivity she cannot prove, Anna Travis just wants to get back to the life she loves as a physical therapist. An unexplained new ability to feel the emotions of those around her—and the knowledge her kidnapper is still after her—keeps her off balance. Headstrong and stubborn, Anna knows she needs help, but she’s not sure she wants to accept if from the overbearing man who swoops in to rescue her.

Sebastian Saint-James and his family of griffins are the instruments of justice for the were communities. He and his family not only owe Anna a debt but are the reason she was kidnapped by Robert Dauth. With or without Anna’s cooperation, they intend to keep her safe and teach her to cope with her new ability before it destroys her. Sebastian will need to use his experience and special skills to prevent her from being kidnapped again and protect his estate from all-out assaults. His only hope is to track down the man who abducted and experimented on his nephew and wants to do the same to Anna. Robert Dauth may have unexpected resources and an undetermined agenda, but no one knows how to exact justice better than a griffin. Anna finds herself drawn more and more to Sebastian, but his dominate personality chafes against her independent spirit. She struggles to come to terms with his dual natures and the reality of a relationship with a mythical creature. Thwarting an enemy more dangerous than he appears will require them both to compromise their controlling natures. The stakes are higher than Anna understands because, as every were knows, once is heaven, twice is forever.