Griffin's Gift – Mythical Warriors Series
Release Date December 7, 2016

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For centuries, the shape-shifting griffins of the Saint-James family carried a shield as the symbol of their judicial authority in the were community—until it was stolen during the crusades. Now, eight hundred years later, Tristan Saint-James has finally discovered a lead to its whereabouts. But even more important to him than finding it is his hope that the search for this treasure might help his brother Sebastian recover from the devastating loss of his mate and infant son.

Arrabella Mason is not a typical Victorian miss. When her family suffers a financial misfortune, she is determined to find a means to provide dowries for her four sisters, though she has no idea how. Then famed treasure hunter Tristan Saint-James enters her father’s London bookshop, seeking maps and journals concerning a seventeenth century privateer. Arrabella, who had been fascinated by the long-dead sea captain, had taken possession of his records—which Tristan hopes will lead him to a hidden treasure horde. She offers Tristan the papers—but only if he will allow her to accompany him on the search and claim half the treasure for her family.

Amid the festive Christmas season, Tristan and Arrabella’s partnership leads them on a dangerous quest through the seaside caves near Dover as they try to decipher clues left by the privateer. But Tristan and Sebastian aren’t the only weres seeking the lost shield, and Arrabella is drawn into the secretive world of shifters and mythical creatures. Only by trusting the instincts and intelligence of each other can Tristan and Arrabella hope to win through the perils and find a lifetime of love and adventure.