These adventures are about werebeasts (multiple creature merges such as griffins, centaurs and flying lions), wereanimals (single animal merges such as wolves, panthers and bears) and sorcerers. The weres are the survivors of sorcerers’ experiments combining men and animals to develop superior warriors to fight in a war over five thousand years ago. Generations of suspicion and mistrust divide these two groups. They have skirmishes between each other and among themselves. Over the centuries, some sorcerers have moved on from the conflict. A few magic users still believe the animals should be subjugated by their creators, while others would like them exterminated. Both weres and sorcerers are struggling to survive undetected and to fit into a world that is continually shrinking.

A were can only truly mate with a woman who is a “potential”. The trait, which is detected by scent, is passed down through maternal lines. Potentials are valuable to weres because they are their only means for procreation, as a were’s offspring is always male. The were community has a saying, “once is heaven and twice is forever”, because if they have intercourse more than once with a potential, they are mated. For a were, this means he is a eunuch with any other woman as long as his mate is alive. The woman, however, can carry on without him if she chooses. Mates are highly sought and greatly treasured.